Associate Professor

Dr. Wang received his BS in Biochemistry from Nankai University (1993) and PhD in Biochemistry from Tufts University School of Medicine (2000). He then worked as a Bioinformatics Specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital and later as a Bioinformatics Manager at Applied Biosystems. In 2007, Dr. Wang joined Washington University to start a lab focusing on microRNA and translational cancer research.

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Staff Scientist

Weijun joined Dr. Wang’s Lab in 2012 as a staff scientist. He received his Ph.D. in pharmacology from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He studied G-quadruplex as drug target for cancer therapy in University of Arizona as a postdoctoral researcher. When he was a research associate in University of Pittsburgh, his research focused on the roles of two ubiquitin E3 ligases (APC/C and pVHL) in cell cycle regulation and DNA damage response. Currently, his research in Wang Lab focuses on functional exploration of miRNA and technology development related to RNA study.

Research Specialist

Ping joined Wang Lab in 2017. She received her MD degree in Medicine (2001) from Wuhan University School of Medicine and PhD degree (2007) from Huzhong University of Science and Technology. The application of art and science to medicine is a natural evolution of the interests she loves to pursue. She has developed strong problem solving skills for scientific research, Outside of lab, she is developing more problem solving skills for her life with two toddler girls which seems more and more challenging, but she still enjoys every day of challenges!!!

Senior Research Associate

Wesley joined the lab in 2016. He received his B.S. in Molecular Biology (2006) from University of California, San Diego. His current research focus is on identifying molecular biomarkers that can be used to predict treatment outcome. This will be an important first step toward individualized cancer therapies.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Arlise recently joined the lab.  She received her Ph.D. in biology from Northwestern University.  She studied mechanisms in RNA mediated silencing in Drosophila melanogaster.  She will be focused on advancing the use of miRNAs as diagnostic markers in head, neck, and throat cancer.  Outside of the lab, her toddler son keeps her quite busy.  When she finds time, she enjoys running and participating in triathlons.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Himanshi recently joined the lab. She completed her PhD in molecular biology from CSIR-IGIB, situated in New Delhi, India. She analysed the mechanistic role of microRNAs in metabolic disease development. Her project here will be focused on the functional interactions between miRNA and HPV during the development of HPV-induced cancers. In her spare time, she loves to read fiction and explore the world!

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Xinyi recently joined the lab. She completed her PhD in bioinformatics in Harbin Medical University, China. She studied on human endogenous retrovirus involving in autoimmune disease and the relationships between small molecules and miRNAs. Her project here will be focused on identification of miRNA biomarker in HPV-induced cancers.


PhD Candidate - Electrical and Systems Engineering

Yuhao Chen joined the Department of Electrical and System Engineering at WUSTL in 2015. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering in information engineering in Beijing Institute of Technology in 2014. He will get his Master of Science and join Dr. Wang’s lab to pursue his PhD degree in Bioinformatics.

PhD Candidate - Mechanical Engineering

Gongyu is a PhD student in mechanical engineering and joined the lab in August 2018. He received his M.S. in mechanical engineering at WUSTL in 2017 and his B.S in mechanical engineering at Huazhong Agriculture University in 2015. He has worked on research about computational fluid dynamics and he will work on bioinformatics research in our lab.

Visiting PhD Student

Holly is now in the second year of her PhD study in microbiology at Harbin Medical University, China. She has studied on the impact of cancer secreted-exosomal miRNA on tumor microenvironment and its relation to radio sensitization.  She will explore the roles of miRNAs and extracellular vesicles in cancer development here.

Lab Alumni

Tony Hiranniramol
Research Technician: 2018-2019.
Current: Medical Student at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

Pippa Cosper
Medical Resident: 2015-2018.
Current: Clinical Instructor at University of Wisconsin.

Nathan Wong
PhD Candidate – Biomedical Engineering: 2013-2018.
Current: Bioinformatics Analyst with Leidos Biomedical in Frederick, Maryland.

Paul Daft
Visiting Scientist: 2016-2017.
Current: Specialist at Clonetech, a Takara Bio company.

Shuai Chen
Postdoctoral Researcher: 2016-2017.
Current: ‎Bioinformatics Scientist at OmicSoft, a QIAGEN company.

Hanxiang Chen
Visiting Student: 2014-2016.
Current: ‎Scientist, Qianfoshan Hospital, China.

Shariq Khwaja
Medical Resident: 2013-2015.
Current: ‎Assistant Professor, Memorial Hermann Cancer Center / University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Callie Baker
Research Technician: 2014-2015.
Current: ‎PhD Student, University of Michigan.

Ge Gao
Postdoctoral Researcher: 2009-2012.
Current: ‎Senior Research Associate, Mayo Clinic.

Zhou Jiang
Visiting Scholar: 2011-2012.
Current: ‎Associate Professor, Sichuan University, China.

Yuhui Wang
Visiting Scholar: 2011-2012.
Current: Associate Professor, Sichuan University, China.

Hongwei Zhao
Visiting Scolar: 2011-2012.
Current: Physician, Sichuan University, China.

Tian Zhang
Research Technician: 2011-2012.
Current: ‎Medical Resident, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Zhen Gao
Postdoctoral Researcher: 2010-2011.
Current: ‎Bioinformatics Associate Scientist, University of Miami.

Xiaoxia Hu
Postdoctoral Researcher: 2008-2009.
Current: ‎Chief Physician, People’s Hospital of Guangxi Province, China.